RIVer SurfING 

Once little known about...River Surfing is beginning to exploded on rivers around the world.  Fast moving rivers form standing waves, which create endless rides.  River Surfing is simple, affordable & fun compared to other river sports.  Once thought of just as an ocean sport, surfing is now becoming popular fast in mountain / river communities like Missoula, Montana.  Strongwater is stoked to be on the forefront of Progressive River Surfing in North America!

For more information regarding the sport of river surfing check out riverbreak.com


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​StandUp paddle 

Montana's 1st StandUp Paddle Shop...StandUp Paddle Boards were the original wave that brought surf culture & vibe to the mountains.  StandUp Paddle Boarding or S.U.P. is now one of the fastest growing sports in the world.  Missoula, MT happens to be a S.U.P. Paradise. Glacier National Park, Holland Lake & the ClarkFork River are a few of our favorites.  We can help you find the perfect S.U.P. for maximum enjoyment; racing, cruising, fishing, yoga, universal or inflatable. S.U.P. is great excersice & anyone can do it!

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POWder Surfing

Re-thinking the way we ride boards down a mountain...The flow starts with the snow. Snow melts & makes river waves and the rivers flow to the ocean. PowSurfing is straight up surfing the snow.  Carve, Slash, Ollie & Butter...The boards are bindingless & ridden off the tail like a surfboard.  There's no metal edges or crazy technology.  It's simple, cheap...no lift tickets or season pass...  No parts...No pieces.  Made from awesome wood like Bamboo.  POWSURFing is an all-ages; all- terrain sport.  Get X-treme or keep it mellow        *PowSurfing has no limits...

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Strongwater is redefining mountain surf culture...

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​Surf shop boutique 

It all starts in the Shop...You can't have surf culture without your local surf shop.  Surfing is our lifestyle.  We are laid back & enjoy when our customers just stop in to say hi. 

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Surf Forcast / ​River Levels


Surf the Earth

 Local Surf Spots               CFS window                 Location / River Gauge 

 Brennan's wave:             900 - 22,000               Montana / Clarkfork, Missoula

 Cliffside wave:                 1800 - 2200                  Montana / Clarkfork, St. Regis

 Zero wave:                           2800 - 5,000               Montana / Clarkfork, St. Regis

 Dream wave:                    17,800 - 21,000            Montana / Clarkfork, St. Regis

 Comp wave:                      16,000 - 22,000          Montana / Clarkfork, St. Regis

 Ledge wave:                       3,500 - 5,000              Montana / Blackfoot, Bonner

 Pipeline wave:                 3,500 - 16,000             Idaho / Lochsa, Lowell

 Lunch Counter wave:   9,000 -11,000             Wyoming / Snake, Alpine