​​Epoxy Construction

  • Waterproof EPS foam core
  • 6oz Fiberglass
  • FCS Fin Compatible
  • ​Recommended Surfer: Intermediate - Expert
  • Advantages: Low cost & High performance  
  • ​Sizes Available: Coming soon
  • Cost TBD 

​​Handmade in Montana by surfers


Custom art / color options available

Call or email for pricing & specifics

Recommend for intermediate - Expert

Custom SNOWsurfers:

Pure fun for all ages ...All skill levels

We are currently working on... prototyping and delivering production models of our Surfboards to the masses!
 The Runt shape in 2 different Constructions ...

Custom Surfboards

Designed to surf on snow!
Rode off the tail like a surfboard or skateboard
Turn a snow covered mountain or hill into your local surf break
Handmade by master wood craftsman in Missoula, Montana
Not a Noboard... NOboards are pads that go on snowboards & snowboards are designed for bindings
Not meant to replace snowboards or skies at ski resorts... 
Powder required...that's the point!  

The Floater

Original shape since 2012 

- 2 sizes: 48" & 54"

- Lots of float

- Light weight​​


  • Bamboo core with 2 layers Russian Birch
  • Assorted High Quality Veiner Bases & Top Sheets
  • $500 deck only
  • $550 with traction & leash

 Proven river surf design...

Tested for over 3 years on multiple wave types by our team...

Designed to maximize float, planing, speed, durability & performance...all required in the river...  

This is the river surfboard you've been dreaming of!

Bonus...they surf amazing in ocean & behind the boat also!​​​

The Stomper 

 New shape for 2017 

- 2 sizes: 48" & 54"

- Lots of float

​- Fast

- Stable

- Balanced

Foamy Construction

  • Waterproof EPS foam core with 2 wood stringers
  • EVA Deck
  • PVC Bottom
  • ​Recommended Surfer: Beginner - Expert 
  • ​Advantages: Low cost & High durability 
  • Sizes Available: Coming Soon
  • ​Cost TBD

​​Designed  and  Built  by  Surfers